Photo by Jarrod Bunk for The Radavist
2021 Philly Bike Expo: People’s Choice Winner Jacqueline Mautner Untitled Cycles

By Jarrod Bunk and Jacqueline Mautner – November 15, 2021

2019 SRAM x Philly Bike Expo Diversity and Inclusivity Scholarship

The bikes and builders of the Philly Bike Expo

Philly Bike Expo – 10th Anniversary

As a recipient of the inaugural SRAM x PBE diversity and inclusion scholarship, I wanted to create a show-stopper bike that plays with form and function and becomes the canvas for a paint job that pays homage to Keith Haring.

Photos by Brad Quartuccio

An ode to Keith Haring

Inspired by the art of Keith Haring and built for long days in the saddle, this bike incorporates a few special details that Jarrod Bunk captured while at the 2019 Philly Bike Expo. For the full photo set and write up, check out

The first UNTITLED

After a number of frames under my belt, I was awarded the ‘Women Build Bikes’ grant by Framebuilder Supply. With the funds from this grant, I reached out to my friend Rachel Taylor who was excited to team up with me to build a couple frames – one for her and one for me. Due to our shared background and interest in fine art, we decided to name our collaboration “UNTITLED.” The bike pictured here is one of the two we made together. It has all the features of a modern ‘cross bike – disc brakes, plenty of tire clearance (up to 700 x 42), a carbon fork – and a few special details. Polished stainless rods frame the front of the headtube, and also protect the paint on the headtube from cable rub. Seen here set up with Jones “Loop” bars in preparation for a mixed terrain double century race, it has also been outfitted with flat bars and knobby tires for racing during the CX season, as well as with fenders and street tires for commuting in style.

Photos by Glori Campbell

A single speed with a nice blend of steel and carbon fiber; seen here prior to getting dressed up in paint.

Photo by Billy Sinkford

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